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2016 Awards of Excellence - Rules of Entry


  • Any individual, business, CW Chamber member or organization that resides in and/or is located in the Township of Centre Wellington is ELIGIBLE to be Nominated.
  • A business or individual may not receive the same award two years in a row.
  • A business may be a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation.
  • A business may include a home based, an independent retailer, a service business, a franchise, an agricultural operation or manufacturer. 
  • A business/individual may submit nomination forms for more than one award – however no business or individual will receive more than one award each year.
  • A business/individual may be nominated for more than one award.
  • A business may nominate itself in any category EXCEPT for Customer Service Excellence Award, Corporate Citizen, Citizen or Youth Citizen of the Year.  These 4 categories are not open to self-nomination.
  • A new business is defined as one in operation for less than two full years.

Submission Requirements:

The appropriate Award Nomination Cover Page must be completed and submitted with each individual nomination form.

Nomination forms must be fully answered and be typed, written or printed by hand.  Letters of support in many categories are a good idea.

ALL Criteria on the nomination form are scored and therefore must be completed.

If using a customized form due to space limitations, follow the same Criteria headings as the Nomination form.

You may complete the Nomination form on-line, or print it off and e-mail the Nomination form to or drop off the nomination package at the Chamber office.

Please limit the amount of supporting documents to a maximum of 5 single sided pages.  They can be submitted to the Chamber Office at the address below and will be matched up to the online or e-mailed nomination.

If nominating a business for more than one award, individual nomination forms must be submitted for each award category and include the appropriate Cover Page.

It is the responsibility of the Nominator to ensure that all patents/copyrights are protected.


Please note:

Evaluations will be made by a panel of independent evaluators whose decision is final.

Evaluators reserve the right to transfer an application from one category to another.

All information within applications is confidential.


NOMINATION Submission Deadline: Friday, February 12th, 2016.

COMPLETED Nomination Packages Deadline: Friday, March 18th, 2016.


Return Award Nomination Forms to: or
Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce Awards of Excellence
400 Tower Street South, FERGUS, ON N1M 2P7

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