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Frederick W. de Vries - Ward 1

122 Melville Street, Elora


Raised and lived in Salem and Elora all my life.

We own a home on Melville Street.

Born in March of 1962 from Dutch Immigrant parents.

Married for 30 years to Yvonne and together we have 3 children. Our children were involved locally in different social and sports programs and attended Elora Schools as well as CWDH.

I am a former student of Salem Public, Elora Junior, Elora Senior and CWDHS schools. Coached minor hockey. Played in Elora Men’s Hockey league.

Passionate about our wonderful community! Listening, Representation, Transparency and Communication are my motto.

Strong Family values are important to me. Children are our future and I worry we will leave them with a burden so unfair to them. I support decisions based on the future, not the present.


I personally do not come to you with my own agenda. To do so would be selfish, arrogant and egotistical. Rather, I will listen to you, the electorate and get a census of what the communities’ issues are and positively represent your issues and concerns. In turn, I will communicate back regularly to you what the responses and efforts are undertaken to achieve those concerns and issues. Your agenda, not mine.

I am concerned about how money is being allocated and decisions made by council that surprise many of us. We, your representatives, need to listen more and communicate better to you.


Spending taxpayers’ money with purpose and priority! Council has to look at the long-term effects when making decisions and HAS to consider where the money is coming from.

Downtown Vibrancy –Find new ways to attract new tourists – Business viability

Uptown Vibrancy – Find ways to have locals support locals – Business viability.

Uniqueness in Elora and Salem. Arts, music, social events, beauty, PEOPLE!

Growth in Centre Wellington will be impactful. How we plan for this will take careful consideration and long term vision.


I am running for town councilor in Ward #1 because I DO want to see healthy and true representation with regular communication between you the residents, and Centre Wellington council with me as your representative. Clarity and communication will be my style.

I have a passion for our lovely area and wonderful people!

Local decisions have often made without open communication between council and electorate.  A lack of communication and transparency often results in apathy, distrust and negative attitudes, rumours and wrong information. I know many people in this community feel the same way. I want to see positive change in this regard as do many others!


Vote for DE VRIES and I will:

  • Listen
  • Represent
  • Communicate  |  Home: 519-846-2886, Cell: 519-503-2672


Questions & Answers

Question from Frederick Schuett, owner One Axe Pursuits for All Mayoral and Township Candidates

What will you do to support small businesses and signage for tourist attractions?

DeVries, Frederick
Hi Frederick. First of all I really enjoyed the documentary on the Fire Quarry you showed us! It was an enjoyable night.

I am a proponent of spending money to attract more tourists to our lovely village. We are considered to be one of the top 5 tourist destinations in Ontario and are even featured on the Ontario Tourism commercial!

We need to have a dedicated plan and budget to expound our special uniqueness and beauty. Spend money on reaching out to tourists both in Ontario, USA and even abroad. Yvonne and I live right next to Knox Presbyterian Church here on Church and Melville and we see tourist clearly from out of town on a weekly basis. We know we have something special. I would love to sit down with yourself and others and develop a stronger reach-out as well as look at having a sign strategy that makes it clear to tourists on where  to go see the different features and experiences. 

We can discuss ideas such as a passport system that allows tourists not only to look at it an see what is available but as they visit the different opportunities they receive an incentive for coming back or having a subsidized evening experience in town.

I am very interested in chatting further Frederick.

Question from Tammy Rutherford for Mayoral and Township Candidates

The Township Of Centre Wellington web page has a Termite Management Area map for both Fergus & Elora, dated May 2012.  There are more than 1300 properties within the boundaries, and there is no doubt the numbers are higher now.  The City of Guelph has a termite management program which was recently presented to the City Of Kitchener in light of the recent termite activity involving just 23 properties.  Do you think our township should adopt a termite management program to prevent the spread of termites?

DeVries, Frederick
Thank-you Tammy.

YES! My wife and I owned a home here in Elora that became infested by termites. We went through a lot of work and expense to eradicate our home from termites. If we had a plan, we could have prevented this unfortunate occurrence. I have learned a lot about this through our experience. We need to throttle this problem and a Termite Management program would be an important step in this direction.

Questions (2) from Steven Wright, Wrighthaven Homes for Mayoral, Township and County Candidates

Nimby Syndrome:  Not in My Backyard or "NIMBY" is a major concern for builders and developers who are faced with community opposition to important new developments including affordable housing, higher density housing mixed use developments and other housing options that provide choice for everyone.  Do you agree that NIMBY needs to be addressed?  If so by what methods will you address NIMBY attitudes in the community?

DeVries, Frederick
Tough question Steven. While this is somewhat of a county issue, there is a need to have all involved. I do have the fortitude and ability to be strong on this. We need to be smart in making a decision as to where to build these subdivisions or apartments. What will be the deciding force? A key component to affordable housing locations is the need to also recognize  the ability or lack of ability for the residents to travel in the community to fulfill basic needs such as food and clothing. In Center Wellington township, we do not have a transit option. There will also be tremendous growth in the next 20 years. We are expected to double! There has to be a plan in place and co-operation from council, mayor and the county. Having these units close to the shopping areas both on the north and south makes sense to me but more importantly there needs to be a long term solution and plan that I would support.

Places to grow legislation has increased pressures on planning departments to adhere to new rules and density requirements encouraging intensification in existing residential subdivisions and particularly downtown areas whereby often homes and buildings of heritage value exist.  Quite often these older buildings are in jeopardy as a result of requests to demolish so as maximize density requirements when a developer submits new plans to develop these building consistent with the places to grow legislation.  As a councillor do you feel you have the fortitude to resist pressures of the act and vote to deny the requests to demolish heritage resources?

DeVries, Frederick:  No response yet.


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