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David Gohn - Upper Grand School Board Trustee

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  • Resident of Wellington County for over 40 years
  • Our two daughters were educated in Wellington County, attending Mount Forest and Arthur Schools and on completion of their education one daughter became a teacher and currently serving as a Principal with the Waterloo County Board, the second daughter is the Human Resources Manager for the Town of Orangeville.
  • Lived in Elora for the past eleven years.


  • Graduate of the Lakeshore Teachers’ College, Toronto,
  • Graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto.


  • Served as chair of the Mount Forest Day Care Centre
  • Served as a trustee for the Wellington County Board of Education
  • Member of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College serving as chair for a two year term.
  • Elected to the Upper Grand District School in 1999 and served as Vice-Chair and Chair.
  • Currently a member of the Upper Grand District School Board Standing Committees and the following Board Committees: Health & Safety, Accessibility, Property, Policy Management, Student Discipline Committees.


What is in the future for Education in Centre Wellington?

  • My primary goal is success for all students in all programs.
  • In my opinion, one issue is the need to monitor the growth of Centre Wellington and the increase of the number of students choosing to attend schools in our Board.  It is anticipated as the need arises that the Board will be building a new elementary school within the next five years.
  • With the number of students in French Immersion increasing, a French Immersion Centre is definitely a future possibility.
  • The Centre Wellington High School has a very successful ‘Food School’ and this past year has implemented courses at the small farm offering programs associated with the ‘Food School’ and I continually offer my support and encouragement for this new endeavor.
  • I would advocate that The International Baccalaureate program which began this semester at GCVI in Guelph be considered for implementation at Centre Wellington District High School in the near future.

General Information:

  • As a Trustee for Centre Wellington the schools that come under my responsibility are:
  1. Centre Wellington District High School
  2. J.D. Hogarth Public School
  3. John Black Public School
  4. Victoria Terrace Public School
  5. James McQueen Public School
  6. Elora Public School
  7. Salem Public School
  8. Ponsonby Public School
  • I am a frequent visitor to all of the above schools and attend Parent Council meetings on invitation.
  • All schools come under the direction of the Principal and the assigned Superintendent to that school.  The teachers are engaged in student success and work hard to create a positive school climate, under the direction of the Principal.

The reasons why I put my name forward for election as Trustee

School Board Trustees Matter!! 

  • The key role of the trustee is to establish policy directions that promote student achievement and well-being.
  • I am very interested in education in Centre Wellington, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential with safe, equitable and inclusive schools.
  • With my experience and perspective, I can continue to contribute my expertise for the next term. I have the time to devote to the position of trustee both locally and board wide.


Questions & Answers

Question from Concerned Parent for both David Gohn and Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy to respond to:

Currently there is an elementary accommodation review in North Wellington.  One option is to close Kenilworth Public School.  What is your opinion of this option?  Why?

Gohn, David
The Accommodation Review Committee in North Wellington is comprised of parents from all three schools in North Wellington and a member of the community. These members each have a vote on this committee. The two trustees and staff members are included in the committee but do not have a vote on the committee’s decision. The final decision will be made by the Board trustees in February. Personally, I would consider the information around the decision but would respect the committee’s decision and support it.

2 Questions from Silvana Sangiuliano for both David Gohn and Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy to respond to:

Can taxpayers continue to expect to pay for teachers’ re-education in order to teach Grade 3 math and/or other subjects?

Gohn, David
Teachers have always been involved with professional development and I would expect that would include instructional practices in all subjects. This professional development is in the budget annually. Teacher Federations also provide professional development at no cost to the Board.

What will you do to improve the EQAO scores?

Gohn, David
I would ensure through the Board Program Department that professional development for teachers focus on discovering why the scores are what they are and the implementation of appropriate strategies to improve them. I am sure that there will be a sharing of learning resources among many Boards as the issue of low scores is across the province. Many teachers attend after school math sessions. An additional math coach has been hired to assist teachers with math instruction. Additional math instructional resources such as ‘Leaps and Bounds’ and ‘Number Talks’ have been purchased and in serviced. An online Math community has been established. There is a continued focus on Assessment and Evaluation. A presentation on Evaluation and Assessment policies and procedures will provide the framework for 2014-15 ‘Hub Day’ for teaching math. Teachers will benefit from the skills demonstrated by the math specialists who are members of the Board teaching staff.

Question from S. Thompson for David Gohn

What are your views on the ongoing & excessive busing of students with reduced enrollment.  What do you propose to reduce these costs?

Gohn, David
With the opening of four new schools this year, there doesn’t appear to be significantly reduced enrollment in this Board. However, transportation must be available to every child who is entitled to it. The Wellington-Dufferin Student Transportation Services provides the transportation to this Board. If the numbers change, they will rearrange the number of buses and or routes. They may also change the size of vehicle depending on the number of students on that particular route. With the technology available, all routes are monitored to achieve the best service as economically as possible.

Question from Sandra Brown for Kelly Linton, Mary Lloyd, Fred Morris, Stephen Kitras, Walt Visser, Vinnie Green, Stephen O’Neill, Rob Black, Diane Ballantyne, David Gohn

What is your opinion on wind turbines?  For or Against?

Gohn, David : No response yet.


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