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Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy - Upper Grand School Board Trustee, Centre Wellington

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Barbara and her husband Don moved to Centre Wellington almost a decade ago. She established Fergus Educational Services at that time and dove directly into volunteering with countless community projects. As a radio host, tv host, columnist, and professional speaker, she continues to motivate and to inspire those around her with her positive energy.  She sits on the Fergus Elora Rotary Board, is the Founder and Co- Chair of the Family Information Fair, is a Hospital Foundation Board Member, and a member of a Program Advisory Committee for Conestoga College’s Educational Assistants’ Program. She’s passionate about making a positive difference in Centre Wellington and is committed to doing whatever she can do to see that happen.


The education system, our community, and the families within it are changing. Stronger communication and community engagement are both of primary importance to me. Let’s look at and listen to what the community is saying and address them issue by issue.  A powerful way to impact positive change is to talk about what’s working. Let’s get parents, educators, business people and even our local council to start talking to one another.  It really does take a village to raise a child and we should be using every single resource available to us to help to ensure that our children succeed.  |  |  519.780.7107


Questions & Answers

Question from Concerned Parent for both David Gohn and Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy to respond to:

Currently there is an elementary accommodation review in North Wellington.  One option is to close Kenilworth Public School.  What is your opinion of this option?  Why?

Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy:
It's a tough call.  There are only about 100 students in that school right now and that suggests that their resources are likely at a minimum.  There have been some public meetings and the Board has discussed it, created reports and offered their solutions.  In my opinion, although it's always sad to lose a school and the memories it represents, the convenience it can offer and the good old hometown feelings of a local school for local children, the problem is that the numbers create a sense of fragility.  To move the students to two other schools as proposed, could mean a higher chance of a win-win end result for all.  The students in the schools would then be afforded more resources, more chances at creating stronger extra curricular groups and a higher potential for an overall success rate.

2 Questions from Silvana Sangiuliano for both David Gohn and Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy to respond to:

Can taxpayers continue to expect to pay for teachers’ re-education in order to teach Grade 3 math and/or other subjects?

Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy:
Teachers have been relearning and sharpening their skills since the education system was formed. In fact, every field in life has to continue to work on getting better and growing the skills of the team members.  For the last decade or so, much attention has been paid to literacy scores and the numbers of our students EQAO scores have risen in conjunction with the efforts. I think to reallocate the resources would be an interesting option. There are many very successful teachers, right here in our on Board. Look at the scores for Aberfoyle P.S., Rickson Ridge PS and Salem PS for example and note that it is worthy of our time and consideration to reach into the existing resources that we already have.  Asking some of the 'Master Teachers' to work with schools who show lower results for example and inviting teachers to teach teachers what strategies work, can be an extremely effective and cost saving option. Another possibility is to consider Math Coaches who travel from school to school strengthening the skills of the students and the educators alike. Toronto, Peel and Halton districts have all been using this program with great success. Teacher Unions support their teachers by providing them with opportunities, training resources and partial funding for teachers wishing to grow their skill set.  This is not tax payer money , rather paid for by the teachers for the teachers.

What will you do to improve the EQAO scores?

Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy:
Each year every school sets its goals and creates a strategic plan to meet those expectation.  It is the role for the School Board Trustee to support them in any we can.  I believe, as to reiterate my previous comment, that using the resources we already have, can be a cost saving, refreshing and effective solution.  Let's find out who's doing what's working, and have them share their strategies with the rest of the team. Literacy has been a huge focus across the board and the efforts have been fruitful. There is however, the need to continue with these programs and to increase them by setting higher expectations every year.  The same holds true for every subject at every level. After school and lunchtime programs, online homework help and math and science camps are only a few solutions to help the struggling student to succeed. As we continue to support these ideas, it's essential that we create more options, such as "The Travelling Math Coach."


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