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Susan MacPhail
Registered Dental Hygienist

168 St. Andrew St., West
Fergus N1M 1N5

v :: 519.400.2082
m :: 519.400.2082

Susan MacPhail is a Registered Dental Hygienist, who has been immersed in dentistry since January 7 1979. Susan has worked with gum specialists, orthodontists and general dentists throughout her extensive career, continually learning and perfecting her dental skills and knowledge. Susan has been the owner and operator of Dental Hygiene Healthcare, currently located at 168 St. Andrew St., West, Fergus Ontario, N1M 1N5, since September 13 2011. She attends educational dental lectures every month, to maintain the foremost quality assurance and current practice attributes, for her Centre Wellington scope of practice. You can have an extremely healthy mouth and you can completely eliminate gum disease and tooth decay, as a regular client of Dental Hygiene Healthcare, in Fergus.

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