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Town Hall Meeting : David Gohn

69 Patrick Blvd.,

David W. Gohn, Upper Grand District School Board Trustee acclaimed for Centre Wellington

School Board Experience

  • Have been a resident of Elora for seven years
  • Elected to U.G.D.S.Bd. in 2000.
  • Have served as Chairman of the following three standing committees: Program, Operations and Human Resources.
  • Served as Vice Chairman and Chairman of the board
  • Currently chairman of the Policy Management Committee, and member of the Accessibility, Health and Safety, Parent Involvement, and Student Discipline Committees.

Previous Experience

  • Chairman of the Mount Forest Day Nursery Municipal Day Care Nursery School.
  • Member and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.
  • Member and Chairperson of Arthur and Area Big Brothers Association.
  • Member of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario – Discipline Committee
  • Chairman of the Melville United Church Council
  • Retired from active Chiropractic practice in Arthur in January 2009.

Election Platform

  • Support the ongoing work of the staff to continue the improvement of student and E.Q.A.O. test scores. The scores provide valuable information for the determination of the planning for the future student needs
  • To support the various programs that assists the teaching staff to meet the needs of all the students.
  • To support the work of the communications personnel to increase the awareness and the role that public education plays in the education of all of our students.

Questions and Answers

Question submitted by garrett klassen on 26 October to all
The voters have spoken, and thanks should go to all the candidates who have participated in this election and given to the democratic process. Now that it's over, do you have any words of conciliation, advice or personal reflection to share with your community?
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 Gohn  No response yet.
Question submitted by Lloyd Bartholomew on 11 October to all
I have read with interest many of the questions and issues facing our community. My query might have been addressed but just to be certain, I will address my concern. (1) I have resided in Belwood 8725 Side Road 25 for the last 22 years and I have observed the scraping and respreading of the gravel on the roadway and left to passing vehicles to compact it. Would it not be more cost effective to pave these roads and have the maintenance cost be recouped by reducved maintenance. There has been new gravel spread but not rolled consequently most of it is either carried away in the undercarriage of vehicles or washed into the ditches. This condition create and recreates the pot holes which maked rerpair and maintenence of the vehicles of the residents an unneccessary/necessary expense and we have to pay our taxes on time or face penalties. I live East of the 7th. line, the bridge between Side Road 20 and 25. is a disaster waiting to happen being in a valley and has been there for my 22 years. The section between Side Road 15 and Wellington Road 19 has been repaved at least three times and seem to last only a short time. I beleive because the compacted foundation is being dug up and redone. Side Road 25 is the bypass when there is a need for East bound traffic detour due to disaster on Hwy 109. This road should be widened and paved. (2) I read with interest the plan to increase our police force for protection. What protection? When more police are driving around in new vehicles (Donated or not, in my opinion trying to recoup some of the unneccessary salary) and concentrating on giving unreasoonable speeding tickets; which is another unneccessary cost to tax payers. Go to the trafic court and listen to the charges. (3) I have suggested the planting of trees along roadways as a snow barrier especially to those propertied with open frontage of more than 100 feet at least. I have personally planted 5600 on my property (3000 along the roadway)doing my part as a conservationist. With all the tree planting, why is this not a priority as it is not only environmentally conscious but environmentally prudent. The trees can be given to property owners and let them plant them or the city can plant them at a minimal cost for those who are suppoesdly too busy to do it. We all win!!! (4) I would like to know the real reason why the Wind Farm is being so stringently opposed. We are advocating, Geothermal systems, Personal Wind Generastors to return power to the grid and Solar panels; why not wind farms? As I understand it the city councilors opposed it because the Province had the complete say in the matter. Why duplicate the process. Taxpayers pay too much for duplicate service already. Other countries are increasing their farm acerage and we are opposing it. Killing bats and birds are not the real reason neither is Property value decrease or Aestetics. (5) I have many more concerns but since most seem to fall on deaf ears, I will close with this, Many farmers seem to think that their farm boundaries end at the curb of the road. Why are the municipality not maintaining the ditch drainage systen. In my 22 years i have never seen a drainage systen maintanance procedure being carried out.
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 Gohn  No response yet.
Question submitted by Lloyd Bartholomew on 11 October to all
Why is our tax statement not designed to apply payment to the oldest arrears and any remaining amount to more recent payment due. The present system give the false appearance of of longer default period than is real. EG: I owe $3000.00 with penalty of $200.00 for 2010 and $1500.00 with penalty of $150.00 for 2009 and I pay $1650.00. The present system pays $350.00 to my arrears and $1300.00 to my 2009 arrears which shows I owe $200.00 taxes for 2009. When in reeality I owe $3200.00 for 2010. The penalty to the city does not change but the impression of arrears further back is different. I enquired as to this system of accounting and was told "The Province does it this way". That does not make it right!!!
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 Gohn  No response yet.
Question submitted by Arlene Saunders - Elora Centre for the Arts on 20 September to all
As the Township of Center Wellington has recognized the value of,and need to support arts and culture by adopting, in principal, the "Parks, Recreation and Cultural Plan"-(Monteith Brown - Spring 2009) and it has shown in its actions financial support for leisure and recreation for our seniors in the community (Victoria Park Senior Centre) - support for the theatrical performances (Own and Operate the Grand Theatre) and sports for all ages in the community (Sportsplex -Arenas, pools, parks, playing fields etc.) - Do you see additional financial support, beyond the minimal cultural grants, for organizations carrying on the very important business/service of providing arts and cultural programming,(especially with the youth), already operating and trying desperately to survive in this community? And if so, how? If not -- why not?
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 Gohn  No response yet.
Question submitted by CW Chamber on 11 September to AllSchool
What are the 3 most important issues for the incoming school board?
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  1. The development by staff of a comprehensive Grades JK – 12 Board Improvement Plan that includes the integration of Special Education planning initiative. The development of an implementation plan of the Ministry document Growing Success – Assessment Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools.
  2. To support staff to reduce gaps between our highest and lowest achieving students with a focus on the English Language Learners, and an expanded use of technology by students.
  3. To ensure that professional learning opportunities for teachers are available and leadership development plans are established and implemented across all departments of the board.

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