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Town Hall Meeting : Eric VanGrootheest

6518 First Line,


Born and raised in Fergus, Ontario, I have spent the majority of my life living in or around Fergus. I am currently working as a realtor and have been for the past 8 years. It is a great pleasure to promote home ownership in this fantastic area. I am completely committed to the wellbeing of this town and the majority of my investments are also in the immediate area. I am an active member of the Canadian Reformed Church of Fergus North and have the experience of being on many committees. Recently I was vice chairman of a local high school board; I was on the board of Wellington County Family and Childrens Services, a member of the PDSC Committee for the Wellington County pork producers, part of the process of bringing a handicapped home into Centre Wellington, and a current member of ECO-Park, a Centre Wellington Committee for the planning of green jobs. I have been extremely happily married for 26 years to my wonderful wife Annette, and the proud father of 9 children and grandfather of 4 children. If I am elected, I look forward to serving my community to build a better tomorrow.


Over the previous 8 years, I have seen Centre Wellington raise its operating budget well above inflation without noticeable improvement to the local taxpayers. Centre Wellington currently has one of the largest property tax burdens in Ontario. If elected, I would like to help implement a budget that holds off on new projects, and controls operating costs. I believe what is needed is a complete review of all the current expenditures and to promote a list of priorities for the township. I feel the most important difficulty facing our community today is the lack of well-paying jobs. We have an economic development officer whose goal it is to promote local industry and to attract new business, but I feel has not been given the tools that are necessary in order to complete this task. In this day and age the ideal is to work where you live for environmental and fiscal reasons. If elected, I promise to be a strong voice for the quiet majority, as I feel the majority of residents in Centre Wellington would like to see our infrastructure and job situation corrected before any new projects are contemplated. What I believe we need is to look at innovative ways in order to implement our goals at a lower cost. We need to address development charges and streamline approval processes in order to attract businesses. We need to address the Public Works Department and research the feasibility of integrating all the current locations into one main complex. We should do a cost analysis of the greenhouses that we currently own to see whether the revenue justifies the expense. I promise, if elected onto council, to come with an open mind and a willingness to hear from residents as we discuss what changes need to be done in the oncoming years. I feel that Centre Wellington is one of the best areas in Ontario to live, now let’s make it one of the most affordable.

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