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Town Hall Meeting : Jason A. Weeks

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I moved to the area in 1983 when my parents, Barbara and Ken Weeks opened a small local business Ken Weeks Pontiac. As often is the case with young teenagers, I got the urge to move on from small town Ontario to Toronto for work and College. I completed a degree in Computer Programming and worked in the field for several years before moving back to the area to work in the family business. My wife Ann and I have 3 wonderful children Aidan, Hannah and Madylin ages 4, 6 and 8.


My election platform is parallel to the wants and needs of most people, and several of the new members running for this coming Municipal Election. We need fiscal responsibility and strong direction with unified leadership working towards a common goal. We need a new core of Council members who are uninterested in Politicking and focused on results. I plan to cut wasteful spending and focus on the most important needs in this community. Our infrastructure is falling apart, and there is no end in sight. Centre Wellington has one of the highest tax rates in all of Canada, and yet we seem to lose more and more services every year. Businesses are leaving and there are very few willing or able to come take their place.

I believe Council requires a new direction that will utilize the advantages that our area offers and gives residents something back for their high tax rate.

I believe the time for sitting around making decisions and getting nothing done has to come to an end. Money needs to be spent getting results, not more empty decisions and wasteful expenditures.

I am proud to live and raise my family in this area. I have been frustrated and fed up with wasteful spending and costly decisions that have been made that I believe are slowly eroding away at this great Township. That is why I have decided to run for Councillor. I believe I, along with those running against current Council can change the direction. I believe that together we can put us back on track and have people believing in Local Government again.

I believe if you vote for me, Jason Weeks in the upcoming Municipal Elections, you will be supporting a new and exciting way of doing things. I believe that a new Council will make important decisions that are consistent with constituents wants and needs, rather than self serving. I believe it is time for things to be done differently. I believe it is time for things to be done right. If you feel the same, I would greatly appreciate your time and effort and come out and vote for me in Ward 4.

Thank you,
Jason Weeks

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