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Town Hall Meeting : Robert Wilson

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I have lived at the same address all my life. I began a 20 year farming career after the death of my father at the age of 19 and then on to a 20 year career as an electrician.

Community involvement was a family tradition so, it came natural to follow involvement with a step into Municipal politics in 1977. I have spent 20 years as a member of Wellington County Council first as Reeve of West Garafraxa, elected Warden in 1993 and since amalgamation as Councillor for Ward 6.


The County of Wellington is large, active and strong and we in Centre Wellington are at the Hub. The Administrative Headquarters are in Guelph but, Centre Wellington is in the center of the County and has fared very well in the County scheme of things. Think of the Elora Library, the Wellington County Museum and Archives, the new Wellington Terrace, the new Police Building, Wellington County Library Central Administrative Building, the new affordable housing complex ( Ferguson Place) and in addition the Fergus Library (the busiest branch in the County) is in the 5 year plan for upgrades.

These are wonderful features but, to continue the improvement throughout the County will take considerable resources

The County has weathered the economic storm thus far reasonably well because of a strong financial reserve but, the worst of the storm may yet come and I fear a larger group of disadvantaged people may come to be helped by Social Services and this will put pressure on the capital projects. Financial stability will require flexibility to keep tax increases affordable.

The County road system is in great need of realignment and it will take some strong leadership and courage to steer the system back to being a true Arterial Road System and not just a system of good local roads. The courage to be innovative and flexible is a must. Too many County roads direct traffic through downtowns and not around them as today’s needs demand.

Waste management has always been an interest of mine and since the County assumed Solid Waste responsibility more than 10 years ago we have continuously improved facilities and restored all closed landfills in the County to a safe environmental standard.

The Belwood Transfer Station and the continued improvement of the Elora Transfer Station are examples of this department in action.

In keeping with my reputation of never having anyone guess my position on any topic I would tell the candidates that promises to cut budgets in any municipal realm that they are Flirting with Fantasy.

In my 25 years as a Municipal Politician NO ONE has asked that services be reduced.

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