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Mike Wisniewski - Councillor : Ward 6

772 Darroch Way,
Fergus, ON


My name is Mike Wisniewski, and I've been a resident of the Fergus/Elora area for 22 years. In recent years, I've been a Director in the Chamber of Commerce, serving on the Business & Government Affairs committee. As a Community Youth Editorial Board columnist, I contributed pieces opposing government deficits and burdensome regulations on business. I was a CW Connections group member, I helped an upstart Chamber member business get an opportunity to expand his work portfolio. I've also been a volunteer for the Food Bank, Neighbourwoods, and Relay for Life.

Professionally, I've worked for nearly 3 years with a local transportation broker, coordinating transportation providers for the company's clients, negotiating contracts, and acting as a liaison between logistical circumstances and client requirements.

Politically, I've followed our municipal government for nearly 5 years, speaking out when necessary, and preparing myself to serve, should I be elected. It's time for Centre Wellington citizens to elect Township Councilors who will re-evaluate our spending priorities. Our current rate of spending has caused taxes to rise every year for too long, while incurring more and more debt every year. It is my hope to address this, along with the next council.


The W6 Platform is made up of two main themes: "Good Government and Respect for Taxpayers".  Sounds good, but what does that really mean?  Here are some of the ideas I'd pursue should I be elected to represent Ward 6.

Government spending and taxes keep going up, but most people's wages haven't.  It’s time we said "ENOUGH", and put the squeeze on spending, not taxpayers.  I won't support an increase to taxes unless there's been a full and thorough review of all our current spending.  There's lots of room in department budgets to trim expenses, or to move resources to more important priorities.  I plan to vote against the expensive expansion of Bissell Park in Elora since it will provide no benefit to residents of Ward 6, and there are more important priorities for our tax dollars.

We can also reduce our spending by implementing a hiring freeze.  But to make sure we don't over burden our Township staff, why not look at ways to create more opportunities for our local high school students to complete their mandatory 40 hours of community service?  We can take some of the load off our employees, and at the same time help foster a sense of community and teamwork in our students.  It's a gold mine for investing in our community and our future that we've never even considered, which will help save money at the same time.

I also propose that we accelerate our debt repayment.  As a community, we can't move forward with our past debts weighing us down, so let's invest in our future by clearing the slate.  One idea I'd like to pursue is to investigate issuing bonds; so residents can invest in our community, instead of servicing our debt.

To me, Good Government is about making laws that make sense, and not burdening residents with wasteful red tape.  One example is the Anti-Fortification law, or as I like to call it, the "Pro-Break and Enter" law.  Why punish law-abiding citizens who just want to protect themselves from non-law abiding citizens?   Or the taxi regulations, which limit the number of taxis available during peak periods.  This law directly impacts our seniors, many of whom rely on taxis to get around town.

It is my hope that these ideas resonate with you, and that you'll support me and my W6 Platform in Ward 6.

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