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2018 Awards of Excellence Application Form

Business of the Year Award

This award is presented to a company that has had an impact on the Centre Wellington community. NEW for 2017 – this will cover all businesses, regardless of number of employees.
These criteria are ways that business excellence can be achieved. Please explain how these apply to your business. Provide examples where appropriate and complete as many as you can.


  1. Leadership – how the business has demonstrated growth, sales, leadership, an activeinvolvement in the community shown leadership in its field and in the community.
  2. Customer focus – how the business relates to and interacts with its customers.
  3. Resiliency – how the business responds to significant challenges or barriers overcome.
  4. Employee Relations – how the business responds to the challenge of providing aquality work experience for its employees, including health and safety.
  5. Innovation – how/where the business has demonstrated an innovative approach to thedesign or application of its product or service.
  6. Business Achievements – identify important benchmarks, significant achievements orrecognition experienced by your business.

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Nomination Information

Leadership: Tell us how the business has stood out from others in its field and in the community.
Customer focus / Service: How does your business give excellent customer service?
Resiliency: What significant challenge or barrier has the business been able to overcome?
Employee Relations: What makes this business a great place to work?
Innovation: How has this business’s approach been innovative?  Innovation means introducing something new to the business either through processes, products, services or adding value to existing products, services, or markets.
Business Achievements: How has success been measured?  What significant achievements or recognition has this business received?
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