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2018 Awards of Excellence Application Form

Agriculture / Agri Business Award

This award recognizes any individual, group, organization, or business where the principles of running a successful agricultural or related operation are applied and result in a thriving and environmentally friendly endeavor.


  1. Leadership/Community Involvement/Education – how does the owner/operator /process show leadership in this field and in the community?
  2. Customer focus/service – how does the owner/operator relate to and interact with his/her customers.
  3. Receptive to new technology and innovation
  4. Nutrient Management Practices
  5. Risk Factors

Nominee Information

Name of Nominee (Business if applicable):
Contact Name:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Number of Employees:
Year Business Established:
Is the nominee aware of this nomination? No Yes

Nomination Submitted By:

Telephone Number:
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Submission of this form implies an acknowledgement that the information on this form is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate.


Nomination Information

Tell us how your business got started.
Leadership/Education: What makes your operation stand out from others doing similar work in the community?
Customer focus / Service: How does your business give excellent customer service?
New Technology / Innovation: Tell us what new or innovative approach your business has brought to the industry.
Tell us about your Nutrient Management Plan -- if applicable.
What challenges / barriers have / has your business faced in the last year?  Tell us how you overcame them.
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