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As a member of the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce your business and your employees can take advantage of many discounts offered by Chamber members through our Member 2 Member, Local 2 Local Program.  This program provides added value to our members by providing a range of discounts at various businesses, but also provides an opportunity for participating businesses to promote their own business to other Chamber members and their employees.  By being involved as a discount partner, you have the potential to attract additional customers and the ability to secure customers for long-term relationships.  It is important to remember that membership at the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce is quite diverse and includes individuals, small to medium enterprises, home based businesses and large corporations.  It is possible that many of these companies may already be your customers, but there is potential to reach many more.  

By agreeing to offer Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce members special access to your products and/or services, the Chamber will provide  exposure to your business through print material and online media to highlight the programs and discounts offered.  

Your agreement acknowledges that your offer will extend to all Chamber members and will be in effect for the entire period chosen below.  In order for the program to work effectively there are criteria that must be met in order for member businesses to provide offers in this program.

The discount or offer must:

  1. Be offered by a Chamber Member
  2. Apply to a wide cross-section of members
  3. Offer a specific benefit to Chamber members
  4. Be exclusive to Chamber members

If you are interested in offering a discount to Chamber Members, please fill in the information below.

Thank you for your participation in our Member 2 Member, Local 2 Local Program and please be sure to take advantage of all the benefits available.

You can view a list of current discounts on our website at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber staff at 519-843-5140






Company Name: ____________________________________________________________


Agrees to offer a Member Benefit of:

(be as specific as possible, ie.  A 10% discount, 1 free hour of service/consultation, buy one get one free, no tax on labour, 1 week free trial, free entrée/dessert, etc.)





for the period of :

  •             unlimited   
  •             the calendar year
  •             from  _________  to ___________
  •             until further notice

This benefit will be available to all Members in good standing with Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

Authorized By (Signature):



Print Name & Title:                                                                                              E-mail Address: _________________________________

___________________________________________________                        Phone Number:  _________________________________ 

This person must be authorized to bind the corporation




Completed forms can be emailed to

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