Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chamber Plus Network


Your chamber membership working for you.

Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven non-profit organization which serves as a community resource to promote and maintain business growth through advocacy, networking and educational opportunities. By providing members with Chamber Plus Network (CPN), our goal is to:

  • Foster and support private enterprise and enhance the economic vitality and stability of small business
  • Provide a direct forum for idea exchange
  • Communicate effectively with members and solicit their opinions and feedback



The reason for a weekly Chamber Plus Networks meeting is to:

  • Get to know and trust one another
  • Share in learning and leadership opportunities
  • Gain confidence in each business to exchange business referrals with others in the CPN group

CPN provides Chamber members with a service to promote and increase their business growth and attract new Chamber members. CPN reports to the Membership Services committee.


  • Exclusive to Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce members in good standing
  • One member exclusively per business/profession per each CPN network
  • Membership is limited to full time business organizations
  • Potential members must first make application for approval
  • A maximum of 20 members per CPN network plus one chamber representative
  • Given the importance of attendance in achieving the objectives of CPN listed above, attendance is monitored and mandatory (designated alternates permitted). Failure to attend regularly (can not miss more than 4 meetings per quarter) may cause expulsion
  • Proper professional conduct and business ethics are expected (refer to code of ethics)


Annual fees are collected upon application. The annual fee is $90 plus HST, and fees are due prior to renewal date. Meal costs are invoiced and paid quarterly in advance. Failure to make payments in a timely manner will result in the suspension of the individuals’ group privileges. The luncheon meetings begin in August 1st and run through July 31st.


  • A prospective CPN member completes an application and sends it to the chamber office. The chamber administrator reviews the membership application and if there is no perceived conflict in category will invite the prospective member to attend one (1) meeting as a visitor at the requested CPN group. The application will be sent by email to the CPN group for their review and approval. After the initial meeting and review of the application form, a representative from the CPN group will advice the chamber representative of the CPN group's decision.
  • The chamber administrator will process the application and prepare an invoice for the pro-rated membership and meals per start date, send an email of welcome including the invoice, prepare a CPN Binder and order a name badge for the new member before the next weekly meeting. Upon acceptance to CPN, fees are non-refundable without exception
  • The Chair will introduce and welcome the new member at the next meeting


Contact the Chamber office at 519-843-5140 as we would be a happy to provide more information for local business people interested in joining the Centre Wellington CPN Group.

Chamber Plus Networks.



Group 1- Breakfast - Chamber Plus Network Members

Group1 Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce CPN group currently meets for breakfast, Wednesday mornings at The Gorge Country Kitchen beginning at 7:30 am.


Allan Teal
t: 519-835-7380
e-mail me

Category: Reno's/General Contractor
Beyond Rewards

Lynne Bard
t: 519-821-7440
e-mail me

Category: HR/Safety/Coaching/Training

Bernie Rossel
t: 519-590-4620
e-mail me

Category: Drafting
Eccclestone Financial Group

Ted Ecclestone
t: 519-843-5110
e-mail me

Category: Investments/Life Insurance & Group Insurance
Record Tel

Phil McCulloch
t: 519-843-6340
e-mail me

Category: Telephone
Quarry Optometry Centre

Angela Tamblyn
t: 226-384-2020
e-mail me

Category: Optometrist

Pam Stumpf
t: 519-993-8926
e-mail me

Category: Interior Design
ReMax Real Estate - Jim & Maureen

Maureen Farquharson
t: 519-787-0203
e-mail me

Category: Real Estate
Shift Family Health

Kira Bailey
t: 519-787-8111
e-mail me

Category: Health Care
Ostic Group 2013

Jessica Flanjak
t: 519-843-2540
e-mail me

Category: Auto/Home Insurance
Wiskey jack

Steve Haney
t: 519-362-4190
e-mail me

Category: Painting
True Auto Care

Ron Brouwer
t: 519-843-1240
e-mail me

Category: Automotive Repairs

Group 2 - Lunch - Chamber Plus Network Members

Group 2 Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce CPN group currently meets for lunch every other week, Monday afternoons at Boston Pizza beginning at 12 noon.

Second Chance

Allie MacDonald
t: 519-843-5513
e-mail me

Category: Human Resources

Bryan Paul
t: 519-843-5110
e-mail me

Category: Financial
The Mortgage Group

Roger Hicks
t: 519-546-3772
e-mail me

Category: Financial
Schooley Mitchell

Dale Sinstead
t: 905-334-1771
e-mail me

Category: Business Services
Ostic Group

Justin Buhlman
t: 519-843-2540
e-mail me

Category: Insurance
Wolfe Smith Forster LLP

James Murray
t: 519.843.3650
e-mail me

Category: Legal
Leo Walls

Leo Walls
t: (519) 217-6051
e-mail me

Category: Real Estate
Ashley Goldsmith

Ashley Goldsmith
t: (519) 843-1320
e-mail me

Category: Accounting

Group 3 - Lunch - Chamber Plus Network Members

Group 3 Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce CPN group currently meets for lunch every other week, Monday afternoons at Boston Pizza beginning at 12 noon.

BMO Wealth Management

Jeremy Zmerman
t: 519-823-1532
e-mail me

Category: Investment Management
Body Mechanik

Amanda Voisin
t: 519-594-1554
e-mail me

Category: Health & Well-Being
Upper Grand Eye Care

Mariam Nahal
t: 519-787-0027
e-mail me

Category: Optometry