Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chamber Plus Network


Your chamber membership working for you.

Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven non-profit organization which serves as a community resource to promote and maintain business growth through advocacy, networking and educational opportunities. By providing members with Chamber Plus Network (CPN), our goal is to:

  • Foster and support private enterprise and enhance the economic vitality and stability of small business
  • Provide a direct forum for idea exchange
  • Communicate effectively with members and solicit their opinions and feedback


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The reason for a weekly Chamber Plus Networks meeting is to:

  • Get to know and trust one another
  • Share in learning and leadership opportunities
  • Gain confidence in each business to exchange business referrals with others in the CPN group


  • Exclusive to Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce members in good standing
  • One member exclusively per business/profession per each CPN group
  • Potential members must first make application for approval
  • A maximum of 20 members per CPN network plus one chamber representative


Annual fees are collected upon application. The annual fee is $90 plus HST, and fees are due prior to renewal date. Meal costs are invoiced and paid quarterly in most cases.

A prospective CPN member needs to both attend at least one meeting as a visitor, and complete an application form. The group will review the application and ensure there is no perceived conflict in category before proceeding with approval.

Contact the Chamber office at 519-843-5140 or membership@cwchamber.ca and we will be happy to provide more information for anyone interested in joining a CWCC CPN group.

Chamber Plus Networks.



Group 1- Breakfast - Chamber Plus Network Members

Group 1 Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce CPN group currently meets for breakfast, Wednesday mornings at The GrandWay beginning at 7:30 am.


Allan Teal
t: 519-835-7380
e-mail me

Category: Reno's/General Contractor
Beyond Rewards

Lynne Bard
t: 519-821-7440
e-mail me

Category: HR/Safety/Coaching/Training

Bernie Rossel
t: 519-590-4620
e-mail me

Category: Drafting
Eccclestone Financial Group

Ted Ecclestone
t: 519-843-5110
e-mail me

Category: Investments/Life Insurance & Group Insurance
Record Tel

Phil McCulloch
t: 519-843-6340
e-mail me

Category: Telephone
Quarry Optometry Centre

Angela Tamblyn
t: 226-384-2020
e-mail me

Category: Optometrist

Pam Stumpf
t: 519-993-8926
e-mail me

Category: Interior Design
ReMax Real Estate - Jim & Maureen

Maureen Farquharson
t: 519-787-0203
e-mail me

Category: Real Estate
Shift Family Health

Kira Bailey
t: 519-787-8111
e-mail me

Category: Health Care
Ostic Group 2013

Jessica Flanjak
t: 519-843-2540
e-mail me

Category: Auto/Home Insurance
True Auto Care

Ron Brouwer
t: 519-843-1240
e-mail me

Category: Automotive Repairs

Group 2 - Lunch - Chamber Plus Network Members

Group 2 Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce CPN group currently meets every other week, virtually and/or at The Brew House at 12 noon.

Second Chance

Leah Stumpf
t: 519-843-5513
e-mail me

Category: Human Resources

Bryan Paul
t: 519-843-5110
e-mail me

Category: Financial
The Mortgage Group

Roger Hicks
t: 519-546-3772
e-mail me

Category: Financial
Schooley Mitchell

Dale Sinstead
t: 905-334-1771
e-mail me

Category: Business Services
Wolfe Smith Forster LLP

James Murray
t: 519.843.3650
e-mail me

Category: Legal
Leo Walls

Leo Walls
t: (519) 217-6051
e-mail me

Category: Real Estate
Ashley Goldsmith

Ashley Goldsmith
t: (519) 843-1320
e-mail me

Category: Accounting
JR Security Solutions

Joshua Rooney
t: (519) 835-6996
e-mail me

Category: Security Products, Systems & Services