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The Chamber Plus Networking (CPN) is a program that runs successfully in many communities and acts as the catalyst for business. The category of activity in any one CPN group is exclusive – for example only 1 realtor or computer business. Although you could have 2 banks or insurance agents however there is agreement about what category each one focuses on, for example, personal or commercial banking or investments.

The sole purpose of CPN is to increase business through a structured system of leads and referrals. Membership is based on ‘Contact Circles’. A Contact Circle (CC) is defined as a business or profession that naturally provide a source of referrals for one another. Each CPN group can have several different ‘Contact Circles’. They are in some way related, but non-competitive businesses. A ‘Home Services’ Contact Circle might include – alarm and security services, lawn maintenance, plumber, painter and an electrician. Membership in the CPN is exclusive to each service and is built on trust within the group. The members create a structure comprised of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Membership Committee and other positions as required. The various CC’s work together to provide synergy to the entire CPN.

The first Centre Wellington CPN group currently meets for breakfast, Wednesday mornings at The Gorge Country Kitchen beginning at 7:30 am.

The second Centre Wellington CPN group currently meets for lunch every other week, Monday afternoons at Boston Pizza beginning at 12 noon.

During the meeting, members have an opportunity to introduce themselves and provide a brief business update. A different business is showcased each week. Each meeting is approximately one hour long.

Benefits of participating in the CPN program include exchanging business referrals (i.e. an electrician doing work on a home renovation, if asked by the home owner, may be able to refer a painter – or vice-versa). This form of business networking is unique and focused on growth for all of the businesses involved. The program is ideal for small business and entrepreneurs who have the flexibility to take advantage of the immediacy of referrals and contacts. Being a member of a CPN group also expands knowledge and awareness of other businesses and ideas.

If you have any questions about CPN, please contact the Chamber office at 519-843-5140.

Group 1- Breakfast - Chamber Plus Network Members


Allan Teal
t: 519-835-7380
e-mail me

Beyond Rewards

Lynne Bard
t: 519-821-7440
e-mail me

Drexler Travels


Amanda Drexler
t: 519-766-6895
e-mail me


Ted Ecclestone
t: 519-843-5110
e-mail me

Ostic Group 2013

Jessica Flanjak
t: 519-843-2540
e-mail me

Quarry Optometry Centre

Angela Tamblyn
t: 226-384-2020
e-mail me



Pam Stumpf
t: 519-993-8926
e-mail me

ReMax Real Estate - Jim & Maureen

Maureen Farquharson
t: 519-787-0203
e-mail me

Shift Family Health



Kira Bailey
t: 519-787-8111
e-mail me

True Auto Care

Ron Brouwer
t: 519-843-1240
e-mail me




Bernie Rossel
t: 519-590-4620
e-mail me


                 Wiskey jack


Steve Haney
t: 519-362-4190
e-mail me





Nardo Kuitert
t: 519-787-7612
e-mail me

Group 2 -  Lunch - Chamber Plus Network Members


Bryan Paul
t: 519-843-5110
e-mail me


Ecclestone Nov 2009

Justin Buhlman
t: 519-843-2540
e-mail me

Ostic Group 2013

James Murray
t: 519.843.3650
e-mail me


Wolfe, Smith & Forster LLP

Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries
In association with Nelson, Watson LLP


Faith Loft
t: 519-843-5513
e-mail me

Second Chance

Deborah Keeble
t: 519-855-6444
e-mail me


Edible Promo


Roger Hicks
t: 519-546-3772
e-mail me

Dominion Lending


Dale Sinstead
t: 905-334-1771
e-mail me

Schooley Mitchell


Karen Pagnan
t: 519-836-6365
e-mail me

remax pagnan

Remax Real Estate Centre Inc.

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