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If you are considering becoming a member, wondering what value does a membership give you, how will you measure your return on this investment?  I don’t have all the answers, but I have gone through this process just like you.

After choosing to leave the corporate world/commute/politics/drama behind after 30+ years to start my own business I started seeking out networking opportunities.  Even though I had lived Fergus for 5 years I had not developed community connections.  I was starting from ground zero. 

After deciding to join the Chamber of Commerce I attended my first breakfast.  The President of the Chamber mentioned there was a need for Board members which involved one, one-hour meeting per month and that as a Board Member would include involvement with one committee which would be also be one, one-hour meeting per month. 

I thought about that time commitment and decided I could be a Chamber Member and attend the monthly breakfasts and potentially meet two Chamber Members for 10 months or I could commit to 2 hours per month and invest in our community, give back, and build authentic relationships.  I have been impressed by the caliber, professionalism and sincerity of Board Members and local businesses. I have learned so much about our community, Parliamentary Procedure and most importantly understanding “The WHY”. 

What I do know is we are very blessed to have this Center Wellington Chamber of Commerce in our Community. The 2 dedicated staff and the many, many volunteers that make it all work.

In this season, I would ask each Chamber Member to take a look at your schedule and consider if you could serve on either the Board or a Committee.  With a healthy cycling in of new members comes new ideas and energy to build a healthy, relevant, exciting Chamber; which is what we all want to be a part of.  This also allows those who have served so well, for so long and give them a break to pursue other community interests. 

As a collaborator and wanting to support local I see such opportunity for all our Chamber Members to grow their businesses though seeking opportunities to support each other with our business.  Most businesses offer more opportunities than the business name or perception of the line of business offers.  I would encourage each Member to look at the list of the other Members and reach out with an email or phone call to have a quick connection to understand if there is an opportunity to work together. 

I had read a great example from one of my influencers talking about a big box store versus independent businesses.  The point was if you are a small local business that sees some business loss to the big box store because of their ability to heavily discount your product/service (tires, hearing aids, glasses, etc.) and you have a membership to take advantage of the discounts on the other lines of business you as a consumer use (tires, hearing aids, glasses etc.) where does your loyalty lie?

For many years those before us have worked hard to bring our Chamber to where it is today.  We look forward to welcoming new businesses, new volunteers, new ways to collaborate and new ideas.  Creating a strong relevant Chamber that is inclusive and supports our businesses and healthy community well.   

Diane Cook
President 2018-19


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