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Janet Harrop 2012I became involved with the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) roughly 4 years ago as there was not a lot of emphasis on agricultural business in the Township, and I thought that being involved in a business organization would be interesting.
My business is a family-owned Dairy Farm in the northern part of Centre Wellington. Wow, have I learned a lot. I had no idea how many diverse and unique businesses exist in Centre Wellington. We used to source product from outside Centre Wellington as we didn’t know some of the current businesses existed.

“What is the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) all about?” That is a question I am asked a lot. “Why be a member of the Chamber – what’s in it for me?” Another frequent question. The answers are quite simple. The CWCC is a member driven organization, and the vision statement of being ‘The Champion of Business’ is the fundamental principal driving all of the Chamber’s activities.

We are a business-focussed organization working for the betterment of the business community. Chamber membership is restricted to businesses, organizations and such; it has, as its goal, the task of working to create a strong business environment – and THAT leads to strong communities! The cliché “information is power” holds truer for businesses than it ever has.

Through education, the chamber helps members learn various operational best practices for their companies and how to best deal with their customers. Education ensures that members deliver the best service possible to their clients. Be it ethics, responsibility, financial strength, integrity or employee care, the chamber helps to build business.

Through marketing, the Chamber helps to create a positive business environment. This leads to business growth that leads to employment growth. Business growth increases the tax base, helping to reduce the overall tax load.

Networking offers businesses a chance to meet other business people that can result in new partnerships, working arrangements, and growth.

Political lobbying helps to keep governments, at all levels, aware of what is happening in ‘the real world’. By working with governments, the chamber helps to provide information that can influence business related policies.

The Chamber strongly believes that a strong community fosters a strong business environment. There needs to be a balance between business and community. We feel that we contribute to that balance through the Chamber’s production of our award winning “Awards of Excellence” event to recognize contributions of businesses, individuals and groups. Other events supporting a strong community are ribbon cuttings, business Town Halls, Christmas Party, Golf Tournament, and Mayor’s Breakfast.

The change to the Township Sign Bylaw was the genesis for the construction of our electronic sign. This is another great benefit of being a member of the CWCC, with great rates and great visibility. The board and staff are always trying to improve benefits to members by striving to keep current about issues and listening to membership concerns.

If you operate a business in Centre Wellington and you are not a member, I encourage you to consider joining us. The cost is very reasonable and I believe the numerous benefits are well worth the investment. Come out and give us a test run – join us for breakfast or a seminar! For current members, come out and get involved with our activities. Let us know what we can do to contribute to the growth and success of your business.

You get out of membership what you want – and we want you to get more than you expected!

Janet Harrop
Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce

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