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Membership Rates

We offer an affordable investment for annual membership with the Centre Wellington Chamber. All businesses in Centre Wellington are eligible for membership. You can join the Chamber at any point in the year for a 12-month period, is renewable on the first of the month of joining.

Your membership fee includes a contribution to Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC). The OCC is a significant force and is truly the voice of business in Ontario. When the OCC speaks, Ontario cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats listen. This also allows you to take full advantage of extended benefits.

We offer Guelph Chamber of Commerce members, who do not have a physical location in Centre Wellington, an opportunity to join the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce at 50% of the posted membership rate based on the number of your employees.  Click here for more information on Joint GCC Membership.


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RATES EFFECTIVE  January 1 - December 31,  2019:


# of Full Time Employees

2019 Annual Rate + HST

Total Membership Fee


$195.00 + 25.35



$240.00 + 31.20



$325.00 + 42.25



$465.00 + 60.45



$615.00 + 81.25 $696.25


$790.00 + 102.70

Additional Business *

$123.00 + 15.99


Student Rate

$35.00 + 4.55 $39.55

Senior Retired Rate

$60.00 + 7.80


Not-For-Profit or Service Club

$195.00 + 25.35



$425.00 + 55.25


Association Member Rate

50% off regular rate based on
number of full time employees


Joint Guelph Chamber

50% off regular rate based on
number of full time employees

Please note HST is applicable.


 *If you have more than one business, the business with the largest number of employees is determined to be Primary business and the business(es) with fewer employees is/are determined to be Additional Business(es).  The Additional Business Rate is used for each Additional Business you have registered with the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce.


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