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In this Return to Work Safely Toolkit you will find useful information and links about best practices and strategies to get your business up and running again safely and smoothly.

Under the new provincial COVID-19 response framework, certain businesses are now required to have a workplace COVID-19 safety plan if their community is in the Protect (yellow), Restrict (orange), Control (red) or Lockdown levels. Those businesses requiring a workplace safety plan are: restaurants, bars and food or drink establishments; sports and recreational facilities; meeting and event spaces; retail businesses located in malls; personal care services; casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments; cinemas and performing arts facilities. All other businesses are encouraged to create a workplace safety plan.

Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Resource Toolkit Plan


STEP 1 - Develop a COVID19 response plan and policies 

  • Create a COVID-19 task force
  • Include employees from different levels within your organization and a senior executive as sponsor of this task force
  • Appoint a decision maker within this task force to work with the sponsor to implement required changes quickly and efficiently
  • It is critical for this task force to stay current as possible with government changing requirements and regulations
  • Lead implementation and ongoing monitoring for effectiveness and compliance


STEP 2 - Prepare your workspace 

  • Define appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your workplace.
  • Secure resources, establish a supply chain and reorder procedures
  • Contract a cleaning company with the equipment and resources to provide a deep cleaning of all employee workplaces on a regular basis. Ensure you follow Ontario Health recommended guidelines
  • Develop an employee workplace entry screening process based on Ontario recommended guidelines
  • Create physical distancing guidelines and inform employees
  • Define and regulate movement paths within your organization and used signage and floor markings
Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Resource Toolkit Prepare Workplace
Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Resource Toolkit Prepare Employees


STEP 3 - Prepare your employees 

  • Employers must actively screen every worker before they enter the workplace at the start of their shift as described in the instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health. Ensure your employees are trained on and compliant with your screening procedures.
  • Communicate procedures if employees have symptoms and what should be done by the employee and by the task force
  • Provide appropriate PPE for all employees and train them in the proper use of the PPE
  • Maintain an accessible supply of cleaning materials with access for all employees
  • Consider ways to limit the employees required in the workplace with rotating shifts, work from home, off hours work
  • Communicate on a regular basis and also gauge the mental health of employees. Refer to Ontario Health guidelines regarding employee mental health


STEP 4 - Prepare your customers 

  • Post COVID19 operating guidelines at the entrance of your business for your customers
  • Create a procedure to limit the number of people in your business to ensure six feet physical distancing can be maintained
  • Create clear communication procedures for employees to use for customers who don't appear to be following posted guidelines
  • Clearly communicate alternative ways to do business with your customers through customer channels such as phone answering machines, websites or social media
  • Create procedures, where required by the COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open, to collect screen customers and collect contact information
Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Resource Toolkit Prepare Customers
Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Resource Toolkit Prepare for Transactions


STEP 5 - Prepare for transactions 

  • Map out the establishment to determine where best to put transaction equipment and other customer interaction zones to maintain 6 feet of distance.
  • Use floor signs to direct the flow of customer traffic
  • Create procedures for the accepting of payment types such as cash, debit and credit
  • Install bariers to create safer customer and employee interaction zones
  • Disinfect transaction areas after each transaction
  • Consider alternative ways to provide products and services such as curbside pickup, online services and alternative business hours
  • Prepare policies and procedures for safe handling of returns