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Bill’s Story – President’s Award Winner 2014

My name is Bill Longshaw and for many years I did all the photography for the chamber free of charge. 2014 was my year. (I forget what the theme was that year) With all the Awards of Excellence galas photos were taken of the winners in the foyer of the Fergus Grand Theatre which I was doing at the time. All of a sudden Deb Dalziel rushed in, grabbed me and said I had to take some photos inside where the stage is. True to my job I said I couldn't because I am busy taking photos of the winners. She insisted and literally dragged me into the theatre just when the then President Janet Harrop was announcing my name as the winner of the Presidents award. Well I couldn't believe it. People clapping and shouting and of course my friend Deb dragged my up on stage to accept the Presidents Award for that year. I hope the people I was taking photos of at the time weren't too upset. Well when I got to the podium all I could think of was to thank my wife and I don't know what else came out of my mouth.

Something like this is gratifying to the recipient to know that all the work that is done is really appreciated by members of the wonderful community of Fergus. Now every time I see Janet and Deb I give them a great big hug and thank them for this award.

Quite a story for me

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