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The 1 Change You Need to Make in Your Business

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At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, if you make just one change to your business this year, you’ll open a new door to an even greater level of success. It’s a very simple concept. Help your customers get what they need.

All marketers will tell you to reframe your sales approach from features to benefits, but that’s not enough. That’s only the beginning because you’re still seeing your business through your eyes. You need to think larger. Your customer wants what you offer (hopefully) but their wants and needs are larger than your service or product.

Switch from You/Business-Centered to Customer-Centered

If you think of your customers’ purchases in a narrow focus, you are missing opportunities to be of greater use to them. Let’s take the retail giant Walmart as an example. If you visit their website, you’ll note a “Tips & Ideas” section. They are meeting customers’ larger needs by asking, “why do buyers purchase this product? What is it they really want?” and creating content that addresses those needs.

For instance, why does anyone want to wear a pedometer? Because it’s stylish? No, generally they are trying to make a commitment to their health. If you sell pedometers, talking about features may be helpful but if all you’re doing is providing the features of the item you sell, you’re as unremarkable as your competition.

However, if you provide resources on fitness, best practices, tips, and ways to meet your goals, you are giving your customers something they need above and beyond a product. This is how you become a resource for them and build loyalty. Loyal customers also share what they find valuable with friends and family.

Help Them Choose You

No one wants to be sold to. Creating resources that help your customers find what they need leads them to you. If you’re creating that content it can also be done in a way that steers them to you in a subtle fashion. The content could tell people about conditions or features it’s important to look for and it just so happens your product meets those conditions. They’re already on your site so help them find what they want.

Now Look Bigger

Let’s get back to the pedometer example. You realized your customers looking for a pedometer just want to make healthier changes and let’s assume you created content that would give them tips on better health practices and goal setting. Now take it to the 30,000-foot view. How can you help them do more? Provide a list of professional resources in your area or niche like gyms, fitness instructors etc. Bring in someone to do a fitness or cooking demonstration. Work with these professionals and share discounts with your customers. Create a network that provides more business for everyone involved.

Now your business sells more than pedometers. It becomes an invaluable resource for healthier living through providing what your customers are ultimately seeking. Make your customers’ lives easier, give them more of what they want and you’ll draw in a larger crowd. People will begin talking about you and you will stand out from the competition.

The one thing you can do this year to grow your business: Think larger. Understand that customers have a life and the more you can be a part of it by providing the answers to their questions and meeting their needs, the more you can endear your business to them and increase revenue.

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