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At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, if you make just one change to your business this year, you’ll open a new door to an even greater level of success. It’s a very simple concept. Help your customers get what they need. All marketers will tell you to reframe your sales approach from features to benefits, but that’s not enough. That’s only the beginning because you’re still seeing your business through your eyes. You need to think larger. Your customer wants what you offer (hopef...
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Plus, check out the new digital Love Local Gift Guide This holiday season, we are supporting shop local, but local businesses have a challenge as they take on national competitors. That’s why it takes a creative approach to capture more of the holiday dollars.
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Selfies are gaining in popularity among adults and businesses. Selfies are a way of showing customers and potential customers a “behind the scenes” look at your business. They also are an effective way of telling your business story. In addition to selfies, photo bombs can be lots of fun as they are extremely shareable content. Photo bombs start off as portraits, similar to selfies, but the person in the foreground is upstaged by what’s going on behind him/her.
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With rising costs, many businesses are struggling. When it comes to dealing with these pressures, you have two options to improve revenue: new growth or new marketing efforts. New growth means pursuing new avenues or audiences and expanding. This can be unnerving. New marketing efforts means simply being more deliberate in who you’re trying to reach and how you’ll get there.
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If you’re doing the following things in business, you may be missing out on money People will not do business with you if you make it hard to do business. There’s just too much competition and not enough interest.
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Do you watch the Olympics? The NHL All-star Game? The Voice? Any of the ‘Got Talent’ shows? These competitions all have something in common.
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Chamber Teamwork

Membership Advantages for Your Business

Becoming a member offers you and your business many valuable benefits to your business.

Connect - opportunities for local businesses to connect for new mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Learn - educational and informative sessions pulled together by your Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

Benefit - access to some fantastic affinity programs, engaging committees and business advocacy working for your business community.

Celebrate Successes - we celebrate local business successes and highlight the local business community.