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September rolls around, and suddenly there's an undeniable buzz in the air. September is back to school, it’s when new projects begin, and everyone seems to be caught up in a whirlwind of planning for the coming months. While this energy can be contagious, and not all bad, it's important not to get swept away in the September Buzz and lose sight of what truly matters.
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In our “everyone needs a side-hustle” culture, the idea of taking a break seems counterintuitive. We often find ourselves caught up in a constant cycle of work, deadlines, and responsibilities, neglecting our own well-being in the process; however, taking a break is not only important but essential for our mental, emotional, and physical health.
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Even if you haven't experienced trauma yourself, chances are you work with someone that has. Trauma can impact a person’s career and leadership development in unique ways and if you’re looking for coaching support for yourself or an employee, you’ll want to consider someone that is trained in trauma-informed coaching.
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Don't hesitate to get creative when building wellness habits with your team Whether your team works from home or in an office, whether you are a business of one or one hundred and one, taking care and making time for wellness is becoming increasingly important. Stress levels because of what’s going on in the world around us are increasing. You may not even be aware of the outside stress someone is under.
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We have certainly been tested as 2021 wrapped up and 2022 began. Many of us are fatigued and stressed juggling responsibilities, worries, and fear like they were part of the job description. But this is not sustainable.
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Chamber Teamwork

Membership Advantages for Your Business

Becoming a member offers you and your business many valuable benefits to your business.

Connect - opportunities for local businesses to connect for new mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Learn - educational and informative sessions pulled together by your Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

Benefit - access to some fantastic affinity programs, engaging committees and business advocacy working for your business community.

Celebrate Successes - we celebrate local business successes and highlight the local business community.